"The love of gardening is a seed that once sown never dies"
Gertrude Jekyll

Aug 23         Film - Documentary:  Beatrix Farrand, An American landscape designer of public and private gardens including the White House, Yale University and Harkness Memorial Park
(6:30 pm, held at Enfield Public Library, 104 Middle Road)
Sept 27        Robert E. Marra, Ph.D.  Conn. Agricultural Experiment Station – Important Plant Diseases of North America
Oct 25          Paul Colburn  - Conservationist.  Wildlife and Connecticut’s Changing Landscape.This presentation provides a brief natural history of Connecticut, addresses the current state of wildlife in the state, including a discussion of major species, factors affecting their habitats, challenges we face in managing them, and provides suggestions for what people can do to make a difference.
                     Paul Colburn is a graduate of Master Wildlife Conservationist Program (MWCP) and is a certified Master Wildlife Conservationist (MWC). Paul graduated from Wesleyan University.
Nov 13         Trish Manfredi – Members Holiday Workshop,
6pm - Enfield Senior Center
Dec 6           Holiday Gathering & Installation of Officers
Meetings are held at 6:30 pm in the Dining Room at the

St. Joseph’s Residence, 1635 Enfield St. (Rte.5), Enfield, CT  (unless otherwise noted)

Membership $30/year, family $35/year
Past programs in 2017 were:Enfield Senior Center
May 24         Andy Brand, Broken Arrow Nurseries, Hamden,  Fragrant Plants for Your Garden, 5:45 pm - Enfield Senior Center Andy Brand is nursery manager of Broken Arrow in Hamden CT, a destination nursery with an extensive retail operation plus a giant mail-order catalog of unusual things. His 25-year-old personal Epimedium collection includes more than 150 kinds, with other shade treasures such as Solomon’s seal, or Polygonatum, and some lookalikes also on his radar.  Broken Arrow, where he has worked for 25 years, is known for unusual things especially for plants with an irresistible twist.March 22      Margery Winters – Saving Our Wild Areas, One Yard at a Time.  By reconsidering how and why we garden as we do, we can help promote wildlife diversity in our own back yards and in our wild areas beyond.  6pm - 
April 12        Trish Manfredi – Members Spring Floral Workshop, 6pm - Enfield Senior Center
April 26        Dr. Richard Benfield - Great Botanic Gardens of the World.  Dr. Benfield is Professor of Geography at Central Connecticut State University.  Location: Enfield Senior Center
May 6           Plant Sale at the Enfield Senior Center
June 28        Sally Brocket – Hummingbirds: Jeweled Acrobats in the Garden.
Sally is
a local gardener, birder, and member of the Daytime Gardeners of North Haven, will present tips on attracting hummingbirds to your yard and will share her experiences with hummingbirds and backyard birding. Enjoy Sally’s photos of a variety of hummingbirds, some seen in the US and others from Central America.
July 26         Karla Dalley – Container gardening with flowers, foliage, vegetables and herbs. Karly Dalley is a freelance garden writer, speaker and local media consultant.  Gardeners have been  growing in containers for centuries.  But how do bonsai and the limonaria of the Renaissance translate to today's home gardeners? Our focus will be Creative Container Design. Today's containers are nothing like the geranium, vinca and dracaea spike combination that started the container craze. House plants, vegetables and herbs even perennials make great container materials. Come see finished containers and bring your questions.

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