Gardens are the result of a collaboration between art and nature. - Penelope Hobhouse  
March 21        Karl Hasel Northern Connecticut Land Trust.  Learn about the goals and programs of this conservation group protecting open space in eight Connecticut towns

April 24          Laurie Masciandaro – Connecticut’s Historic Gardens. Our state is home to many beautiful and unique gardens. Fourteen historic sites dotted throughout the state have joined to form Connecticut’s Historic Gardens. These delightful places offer visitors an opportunity to explore a variety of garden styles and time periods.

May 5            Plant Sale - Enfield Senior Center
8:00am - 12 Noon

May 22          Michael Russo, Troutlily Farm, Guilford. Practical tips on selecting, planning, and maintaining a cutting garden.

June 26          Thomas Christopher – Ecological Garden Maintenance. Award-winning horticulturist and author Thomas Christopher will help you understand the ecology of your garden. Learn how to lock out weeds, banish invasive plants without chemicals, and create a resilient landscape in which the garden can evolve naturally and replenish itself with native plants. 

July 24           Joan Allen, UCONN – Garden Curiosities.
Learn why fireflies flicker light, what makes carrots grow with a bunch of twisted points, why insects have horns, and many other living organisms found in Connecticut that have special characteristics allowing them to survive in New England.

Aug. 22          Garden Gathering (to be determined)

Sept. 26         Margaret LaJoie Garden Therapy, Connecticut Federated Garden Clubs. Gardening has proven to reduce stress, and can help alleviate post-traumatic stress disorder, depression, anxiety, and help those with disabilities. Seeing the fruits of one's efforts through gardening can help a person gain confidence and a sense of purpose. Learn how Garden Therapy is growing.

Sept. 26         Members Plant Exchange

Oct. 24          Barry Avery – GMO’s (Genetically Modified Organisims) - Are they here to stay?  An update on the latest in safety, legislation, etc.

Nov. 28          Members Holiday Workshop,
6pm - Enfield Senior Center

Dec. 5            Holiday Gathering and Installation of Officers

Meetings are open to the public.  We invite you to be our guest.

Meetings are held at 6:30 pm in the Dining Room

at the

St. Joseph’s Residence, 1635 Enfield St. (Rte.5), Enfield, CT

(unless otherwise noted)
For more information, contact Betsy at 860-749-3578
or Sharon at 860-874-2581


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